Name Yukon
Designer DogSmilez
Gender Male
Age 16 (Arc 3)
19 (Arc 4)
Nationality Canadian-Japanese
Height 4ft, 10in

Yukon (ユーコン) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Yukon is a short boy with navy blue eyes and large, thick, and spiky black hair, the bottom rear of it being wrapped into a small ponytail supported by a blue cog-shaped band. Yukon wears a black and navy-blue modernized ninja-esque outfit with large and baggy sleeves and pants with a white belt wrapped around his waist. His shoes are black ninja footwear with blue padding on the platform of the shoes.


Yukon is the fourth of the Frost Elites that leads the Frost Gang.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite being the shortest in height of the Frost Elites, Yukon makes up for it with his blistering movement techniques allowing him to cling to walls and ceilings, using the power of his cyrokinesis to remain on a surface for longer than a typical person could.

Yukon fights by blasting targets with ice beams from his hands, throwing shards and other projectiles made of ice, and lobbing large frozen spheres that if touched by any external object, explode into small shards that fly off in all directions. Yukon can also fire the ice onto the ground, causing targets to lose their balance or possibly be immobilized if they or their feet are caught in the blast, and on the ceiling to rain down icicles.


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