Name Wernher
Designer P-Lizardman
Gender Male
Age 32 (Arc 3)
35 (Arc 4)
Nationality American
Height 6ft, 9in

Wernher (ウェルナー, Uerunā) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Wernher is one of the key members behind the foundation of the Roast Gang, serving as second-in-command for the crew as well as the driving force for the team's hard-working blacksmith crew. Thanks to his massive physical strength and respected leadership, he became the team's powerhouse, wearing a heavily armed steel black power suit equipped with heavy-duty weaponry.

Powers and AbiltiiesEdit

Wernher's battle armor houses a large supply of flamethrowers, explosive shells, missiles, and bombs that spew into liquified napalm- controlled through buttons hidden within the armor near where the hands rest.

The armor's feet contain tank threads and jet engines for faster movement, which are activated within the armor in the same way the weapons are. One of Wernher's special techniques involves running the two tank threads in opposite directions, spinning constantly as he fires off weapons in all directions.