Special Weapons are abilities used by Aozora and various other characters in the Rock-Aozora series, consisting of Rock-Aozora, Rock-Aozora 2, Rock-Aozora 3, Rock-Aozora World, and Rock-Aozora World 2.

Special Weapons in Aozora's Adventure are based on the Special Weapons of the Mega Man series, which the Rock-Aozora series is intended to be in the style of.

Introduced in Rock-AozoraEdit

Aozora BusterEdit

A small, blue-colored handheld pistol wielded by Aozora. At the press of the trigger, it fires out a small and weak bullet of bright blue plasma. By holding the trigger, Aozora can charge the Buster, causing it to glow. When the trigger is released, the Buster fires a larger projectile that deals triple damage.

The Buster is capable of copying the Special Weapons of defeated foes, changing the color of itself and Aozora's clothes. Any weapon it copies has limited energy.

Ooze GrapplerEdit

Genroy's special weapon. The Ooze Grappler is a large, four-fingered hand of thick, green slime that is fired out of the Genroy's arm. It can latch onto solid surfaces and serve as a graphing hook, as well as grabbing foes from long distances, drawing them to the user and enclosing them in a large bubble of slime. The bubble can then be tossed at other foes as a projectile, freeing the captive(s) in the process. The grappler has the option of not enclosing someone in a bubble to follow up for strong suprise attacks.

Sandstorm RippleEdit

Fakhriya's special weapon. Fakhriya generates sandy wind from her hands which she blasts both in front of and behind herself, causing the wind sand to form into a spinning funnel that travels both forwards and backwards. It rebounds off of walls until it disintegrates and both traps and launches anything caught inside the twister upwards.

Rocker's BeamEdit

Matthias' special weapon. By playing his guitar, Matthias can launch sound waves at targets, which take on the appearance of cyan halos that steadily increase and decrease as they travel. When used by Aozora, he acquires Matthias' guitar and operates it in a similar fashion.

Hunter NeedleEdit

Shinobu's special weapon. These are two arrow-snapped blades attached onto the edges of Shinobu's spear. When the spear is spun, the blades detach and fly around, rebounding off of solid surfaces to aim themselves towards targets. As the blades travel, they leave a small trail behind them. When Aozora fires this weapon from the Aozora Buster, it fires four needles in a spread, unlike Shinobu's version.

Sunset BladeEdit

Tàiyáng's special weapon: a thin sword with a heater rod embedded inside. When grasped tightly, the pressure put onto the hilt causes it to activate, engulfing the sword into flames. Taiyang then can swing the blade to deal heavy damage to close-range targets. When used by Aozora, he wields the blade and uses it in a similar fashion.

Toxin SludgeEdit

Orochi's special weapon. Orochi secretes a substance of purple sludge from the palms of his hands with three explosive cores inside them and throws the sludge forwards, causing it to split into three smaller orbs each with an explosive core. Once a drop of sludge strikes a solid surface or an opponent, it sticks to it and eventually explodes.

Warfare SniperEdit

Kento's special weapon. It resembles a large sniper rifle that is wielded with two hands. The user can switch the gun's firing mode between a machine gun that rapidly fires small bullets at targets at an extremely quick speed, and a sniper rifle shot that instantly hits any target it's aimed at with a powerful blow. When used by Aozora, he acquires the Sniper and fires it the same way as Kento.

Gambler's CardsEdit

Keanu's special weapon. By extending his arms outwards, a batch of cards from Keanu's pockets form into a rotating ring, while more cards appear in his hands which he throws in rapid succession to create a second inner ring of cards that spin in the opposite direction. At command, Keanu can make the cards detach themselves from the ring and fly toward a target at an incredibly fast speed like shuriken. The remaining cards orbiting Keanu increase speed to ensure no foreign attack can enter and damage him (though each successful block will cause a card to be discarded as if it was thrown). Once all the cards are gone, Keanu must summon another barrier.

Introduced in Rock-Aozora 2Edit

Soul EmberEdit

Masayoshi's special weapon. Soul Ember consists of two columns of fireballs that orbit around the user, creating a trail effect as they do so. The orbiting fireballs block almost any form of attack launched at the user and allow them to charge into foes, using the pillars of fire to deal constant damage. When the shield is no longer desired, it can be discarded by flinging the two pillars of fire away from each other; one pillar traveling in the direction the user faces, and one traveling behind them. This power causes Aozora's eyes to glow when used by him.

Remote AnchorEdit

Chinatsu's special weapon. Using a special launcher, Chinatsu fires fast white-colored anchors that steer themselves towards a target, self-destructing upon contact.

Gear DrillEdit

Girou's special weapon. Girou fires a halo composed of six drills from his personal mech's combined driller arm that travel forwards in a helix pattern, each individual drill exploding once they strike a surface. Any opponent caught in one of the drills form the helix is drilled through for a brief moment followed by the drill's explosion.

Spear WhipEdit

Saniko's special weapon. It is a long whip adorned with sharp razor blades and a spear at it's tip. It can be swung rapidly and spun into a propeller. When Aozora acquires the weapon, he uses it in the same way as Saniko, though he is unable to spin it into a propeller.

Pulse WheelEdit

Kazuhiko's special weapon. The weapon is formed by Kazuhiko holding one of his hands outwards in a grapple position and gathering plasma into the hand, causing a spinning buzzsaw made of hard light to form. Once charged, Kazuhiko can release the charge to launch the spinning buzzsaw, causing it to speed along the ground and climb up walls and ceilings. It also fires off small waves of light opposite the surface it's grinding across. This power causes Aozora's eyes to glow when used by him.

Bullet BurstEdit

Bachi's special weapon. By changing his gun to a special "Burst Pellet" mode, bullets shot from the gun instantly shatter into five smaller bullets as they travel in a forwards arc. When used by Aozora, he acquires Bachi's personal gun.

Shark TorchEdit

Sharkane's special weapon. Sharkane pulls the trigger on his flamethrower, the Scorch Shark, and a series of wave-shaped flames erupt form the nozzle, the waves expanding outwards as they travel before disappearing into the air. Anything caught in the fiery blast is set aflame for several seconds, causing residual damage. The waves can also be steered slightly upwards or downwards as the weapon is fired. When used by Aozora, he acquires Sharkane's Scorch Shark.

Freeze CrystalEdit

Mignonette's special weapon. Mignonette uses her cyrokinesis to cause the environment around her to either slow down or freeze everything for several seconds. When Aozora uses the weapon, he fires small ice crystals from his Buster in place of normal Aozora Buster shots.

Introduced in Rock-Aozora 3Edit

Jigoku BusterEdit

Jigoku's personalized replica of the Aozora Buster. It has rapid-fire capabilities in exchange for the ability to charge it.

Carnival ScytheEdit

Chouko's special weapon. Is is a giant, purple scythe with a steel blade that is flung forwards, spinning as is travels forwards at a steady place before reversing direction and traveling backwards. It can pierce through foes and does constant damage while traveling. When used by Aozora or Jigoku, they can throw up to three at once or charge to toss an even bigger scythe that travels slower.

Jolt TaserEdit

Hiromori's special weapon, the Jolt Taser is a set of two taser probes fired from the top of Hiromori's right claw that travel quickly forwards, retracting if it does not come into contact with a target. If it does hit; the tasers latch onto the victim, electrocuting him/her and slowing their movement while also slowly damaging and drawing them towards Hiromori. If used by Aozora or Jigoku, the tasers that come out of their respective Busters can drain the life force out of targets and replenish their health, and it can be used to grapple and pull themselves towards walls and ceilings.

Spinning BladeEdit

Lìhúa's special weapon. It is a mechanized wind and fire blade with a spinner pattern that starts as a green wooden wheel when thrown. After about half a second, the wheel comes to a stop and opens around the rounded edges, causing four large blades to unfold in a + pattern and four smaller ones to unfold in a x pattern. One they unfold, the Spinning Blade spins in place, shooting solidified wind in a + pattern followed by an x pattern, alternating between each pattern for several seconds. Once it exhausts it's supply of solid wind, the Spinning Blade abruptly speeds up and charges forward in the direction it was thrown in, dealing high damage to anyone in it's path.

Outlaw PistolEdit

Butch's special weapon. It fires a small bullet from Butch's large revolver at a fast speed that expands into several times it's size with thrusters on it's back almost instantly after being fired out. Once it collides with a target, the bullet explodes and the explosion continues to travel straight forwards dealing additional damage.

Melon StormEdit

Kalmanu's special weapon. Kalmanu can punch the ground hard with his fists to rain down melons from the ceiling, which explode on contact. Kalmanu can also throw melons forwards at a decent speed, a technique Aozora or Jigoku cannot perform.

Shadow PursuitEdit

Michitarō's special weapon. The user gains a special indigo-colored aura that enables them to thrust in any direction while standing or in mid air, up to two times per charge. The user is shielded while executing the attack until each thrust ends. When using the second thrust, they may dash in a different direction than the first dash.

Seeker BeamEdit

Ottomar's special weapon. it is a continuous white beam with a green outline that curves and weaves itself to hit any nearby targets. While it's damage output is subpar, it's high energy count and ability to be fired from virtually any part of a room makes up for it.

Pixel ShieldEdit

Raster's special weapon. It is a special shield launched from the energy in his gloves, composed of four large white pixels with sky blue outlines with two progressively smaller pixels trailing behind each large pixel that orbit the user, protecting them from any and all types of damage, reflecting projectiles, and providing protection from environmental hazards. Anything that makes direct contact with the shield receives heavy damage while the shield remains. When Aozora and Jigoku have this weapon equipped, they wear Raster's gloves.

Introduced in Rock-Aozora 4Edit

Blaster BombEdit

Blasthor's special weapon.

Computer ArmEdit

Mugi's special weapon.

Draco SaberEdit

Yasei's special weapon.

Force FieldEdit

Physo's special weapon.

Glamour GemstoneEdit

Daiyama's special wepaon.

Hive OptionEdit

Jamji's special weapon.

Morph BodyEdit

Mr. Morph's special weapon.


A special weapon shared by Temp and Espa.

Shout WaveEdit

Akto's special weapon

Chain GrinderEdit

Conroy's special weapon.

Mime HoopEdit

Sonnerie's special weapon.