Name Sakuberi
Designer MrPr1993
Gender Female
Age 18
Nationality American
Height 6ft, 3in

Sakuberi (サクベリー, Sakuberī) is a miscellaneous Superjustinbros character.


Sakuberi is an artificial sentient entity of gummy candy developed in a laboratory, taking the form of a cheerful human female. Her name was given to her since cherry blossoms were in full bloom once she was completed, along with her cherry and strawberry motif.

Sakuberi speaks with a western countryside-style voice and is overly friendly, spreading around positive vibes in the hopes of seeing people smile alongside her. However, she is only moderately knowledgable and her attempts to help people and make them smile can cause them to become disturbed by her presence.

Sakuberi also adores fruits, candy and deserts, especially those containing the taste of cherries and strawberries. As she is not a real human being, she can eat large amounts of sweets without worry of becoming unhealthy- especially since they serve as a power source to her. Without the energy provided by these treats, Sakuberi will weaken. Additionally, her body continuously gives off a mixed cherry and strawberry odor, which can become a disturbance to some.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite her cutsey and girly appearance, Sakuberi can be very troublesome if she is provoked into fighting. As Sakuberi is made of ultra-flexible gummy candy, she can stretch, bend, and shoot out her limbs to ridiculous lengths, as well as inflate any part of her body to increase their size on command (primarily her limbs). If a part of her body is lost, she can regenerate it using some of the energy provided by eating candies and sweets.

Sakuberi also has the ability of melting, manipulating, and solidifying her own body to morph it or a portion of it into different forms. When morphing, her "clothes" can also morph with her due to them being made of the same gummy candy as her body.