Name Robo-Aozora
Designer SuperJustinBros, Nezumi Hoshino
Gender Male
Age Built to be 19 (2), 21 (3), 24 (4)
Nationality None
Height 6ft

Robo-Aozora (ロボアオゾラ) is a character and one-time major antagonist in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Created in outer space from alien metals and materials, Robo-Aozora is a humanoid robot sent down into Earth by unknown forces to impersonate Aozora, including wearing all his signature clothing and sporting the same personality as his in-flesh counterpart. However, he is more competitive, mischievous, egotistical, and lashes out at anyone that dares refer to him as not the real Aozora or a robot (though he has calmed down about this somewhat in later years).

Much like Joker, Robo-Aozora's main hideout is a giant castle that floats in the sky, though Robo-Aozora's is designed to be carnival, casino, and fun-house themed, with a large carnival constructed on the grounds of the flying castle along with a dance floor with a stage constructed inside the castle interior's main hall, where Robo-Aozora gives motivational speeches to his crew.

The original Robo-Aozora was piloted and controlled by Orpheus, who shrunk and compressed himself into Robo-Aozora. Once it was destroyed by Aozora, Orpheus would emerge from Robo-Aozora, which Aozora then confronted in outer space. Following these events, a second, near-identical Robo-Aozora with the original's personality emerged and took refuge in the old Robo-Aozora's castle after it crash-landed into a mountain, this time running off of a hybrid electrical-solar battery planted inside his body.



  • Robo-Aozora's main appearance (excluding clothing) is loosely based on Robo-Ky from Guilty Gear.