Name Redd
Designer theGloriesBigJ
Gender Female
Age Built to be 17 (1), 19 (2), 21 (3), 24 (4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 5ft, 11in

Redd (レッド, Reddo) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Created by Aozora and Toshi, Redd is the first in a series of human androids known as the Jetters, an effort to create a full family for Aozora to live with. Redd was built to resemble a female counterpart to Aozora, with a similar pilot-esque cap.

Redd is cheerful, energetic, and playful, but she can get annoyed fairly easily. When she's not out of the house doing her own thing, she spends time with her sisters Kokoro and Moriya.



  • Redd's design is the oldest design ever established for Aozora's Adventure, being created on July 24th, 2009.