Designer Bokcutter
Gender Female
Age Built to be 24
Nationality Japanese
Height 7ft, 2in

M-12 WARWOMAN (モデル12 ウォーウーマン Moderu 12 U~ōūman), shortened to M-12, is a character in the WARMAN series.


M-12 is the second of the WARMAN models produced in the second generation of WARMEN and the twelfth overall. She is geared for quick speed and is among one of the more expensive and time-consuming models to develop due to the complex magnetics system enabling her yellow glowing halos and wings to float freely with M-12 when out on the job. When inactive, the wings stay firmly attached to M-12's sides (folding in in the process) while the halos rest against her head and wings when inactive.

M-12 is cheerful, energetic, and playful, always looking for entertainment and excitement no matter what situation she's in. Because of her sweetness, it is very unlikely that one would ever see M-12 show negative emotion, though when she does, it's simple enough for her to calm down afterwards unless she becomes sad or worried.

M-12's chamber is decked out in feminine imagery, with a dresser containing a mirror and various assorted dolls, plushies, and statues that she collects on her shelves (some of which are gifts to her from the other models), alongside two pink lava lamps. The chamber is kept as clean and sanitary as possible and has an air freshener to keep the room smelling fresh. As with the chambers of the other models, M-12's contains a sliding wall with many different weapons.

M-12 has very good chemistry with M-07 WARWOMAN, M-10 WARMAN, and M-11 WARWOMAN enjoying girl talk with the two females and viewing M-10 as a big brother figure. She also commonly accompanies M-09 WARMAN- playfully trying out his collection of sweets. On the other hand, her relationship with M-14 WARWOMAN is debatable, and she experiences discomfort interacting with M-04 WARMAN and M-15 WARWOMAN.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

When out on the battlefield, M-12 puts her extreme agility and strength to full use. Equipping herself with strong weapons on her arms and using her magnetic wings and jetpacks, M-12 solidifies herself as a fantastic aerial fighter, taking on foes from far above. While M-12 excels at aerial combat, she is also an avid fighter on the ground.