Name M-06 WARMAN
Designer Zhdara
Gender Male
Age Built to be 25
Nationality Japanese
Height 7ft, 2in

M-09 WARMAN (モデル09 ウォーマン, Moderu 09 U~ōman), shortened to M-09, is a character in the WARMAN series.


M-09 is the ninth in the WARMEN line of super-bionic fighter human androids. Much like fellow model M-04 WARMAN, M-09 was designed with speed and agility in mind as opposed to strength and durability, giving him less muscle than the other male models despite being the average height of a WARMAN.

M-09 is calm, smooth, and supportive, being one of the more tamer and less rough of the models. However he is also shown to be a bit on the flamboyant side and has a craving for sweets, especially bubble gum and cotton candy-flavored lollipops. He enjoys talking and hanging out with the other models, especially with M-10 WARMAN who he sees as a big brother figure and a personal idol. He also favors M-12 WARWOMAN for her sweetness and interest in M-09's candy and treats.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a fighter, M-09 is experienced at fast-paced close combat, dual-wielding a variety of swords and blades to slice apart foes with. M-09 is also handy with ranged weapons, and his dexterity enables him to dodge enemy attacks with precision. M-09 considers himself at his best when he's pared with and cooperating with the other models, though is fully capable of functioning on his own.


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