Name Haru
Designer SuperJustinBros
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Height 6ft, 4in

Haru (ハル) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Created from plasma light that became solid in an unidentified space colony, Haru is a human made up of three separate entities that can fuse together at will: a red entity, a green entity, and a blue entity.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

When two of the three Harus combine, Haru can become yellow, cyan, or magenta. Each Haru can fire beams of their respective colors when solo or when fused, with each color having it's own special properties. Only when all three Harus combine can Haru fire off his strongest attack, which takes the form of a multi-colored beam.

Additionally, Haru has unlimited flight and can phase through solid objects at will, though Haru has limits on how much he can use each power.


  • Haru's name means "Rainbow" in Japanese.

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