Name Girou
Designer SuperJustinBros
Gender Male
Age 20 (Arc 2)
22 (Arc 3)
25 (Arc 4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 6ft, 1in

Girou (下呂, Gero), is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Girou is a young adult with extreme confidence and willpower, seeing anyhing as possible and denying any claim that a specific task cannot be done, saying "If something isn't possible, I'll find a way!" Girou keeps a positive outlook on any situation and never backs down, potentially risking his life. However, while Girou may have huge determination to perform specific daunting tasks, he can fail at spreading this determination to others and convincing them to join him. Because of his desire to make anything possible, it is really difficult, if not impossible to back Girou out of a seemingly hopeless situation. Girou also tends to think of poor solutions to problems- as he requires time to strategize.

Girou was born and raised in a city built into the underground of and on the surface of a large desert, living there for roughly his entire life. Due to the city's location and it's constant desire for expanding, citizens were hired to help dig locations and assist in constructing, both underground and in the city's surface areas through use of special handheld drills. Girou was one of the citizens who took part in this project, and was considered one of the top contributors to expanding the city.

As the city continued to get larger thanks to Girou's efforts, Girou began constructing his own personal combat and support mecha using materials he found and purchased across the land. Years later, Girou rounded up more drillers from around the world and teamed up with them to expand the city into an underground metropolis.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Girou's signature mecha is spherical in shape and is just big enough for Girou to enter and drive while in a kneeling down pose. The mecha has two cone-shaped hands which can form together and spin rapidly to form a drill and speed forward while firing off the mecha's thrusters on the bottom of it's feet. Outside the mecha, Girou has a good balance of offense and agility and sometimes weirds a massive driller-arm that he runs into targets with at blistering speeds.



  • Girou's design and interest in large mecha is designed as a homage to the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann series, with Girou himself a medley of Simon and Kamina.
    • Girou's signature mecha is based on the design of the titular Drill Dozer from the Game Boy Advance game Drill Dozer, but with a larger body.