Aozora the Fighters Petit

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Arc 3 spinoff

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King of Fighters R-2 and Guilty Gear Petit





Aozora the Fighters Petit (アオゾラ・ザ・ファイターズ プチ, Aozora za Faitāzu Puchi) is a planned spinoff game in the Aozora's Adventure series. It would be a heavily scaled-down version of Aozora the Fighters with a graphics style reminiscent of the Neo Geo Pocket color, with fighters being represented as three-color sprites instead of the 3D models of the original.

Due to the reduced number of buttons, there are only two button commands: Punch and Kick. The Guard command is combined with holding backwards movement, and there is no Special button to allow for easier-to-input Super attacks, always requiring a sequence of joystick and button presses to perform a Super this time around.

Most of the fighters from the original game would be retained (along with secret characters' unlocking methods), though some large characters like Bojun and Tremaine are shrunk down. The only new character to Petit is Verena, who would not be introduced into the mainline series until Aozora's Adventure RPG 2. Similarly, the stages belonging to the surviving cast are also preserved (with some receiving varying levels of alterations) in 2D.

Each fighter only gets four alternative palettes as opposed to the original's eight. Gold colors are still present for use on CPU enemies, though Shadow colors do not appear.

Game ModesEdit

All the game modes of Fighters return, however due to system limitations Double battles cannot be played. A new "Story" mode exclusive to Petit is playable, with multiple playable story paths, each featuring the series' major characters going after specific goals and battling other characters in the process. It also has a traversable overworld.

Characters and StagesEdit

The following characters are available for use, along with their home stages:

The following require the player to complete one run in any single player mode on Normal or harder for the first half, followed by Hard or harder for the second half to meet, then they must be defeated in a battle to unlock.

The following require the player to meet a preset special condition/requirement in-game, then defeat them in a one-on-one battle to unlock.

The following are considered "Final Bosses" in single player and can only be played in exhibition Multiplayer matches as nerfed versions after meeting a condition to unlock them.

The following stages are used for only special events and have no characters associated with them:

  • (Practice Center)
  • (Tournament Field)