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Aozora's Blob Drop (アオゾラのブロブドロップ, Aozora no Burobudoroppu) also known as Aozora's Puyo Puyo (アオゾラのぷよぷよ, Aozora no Puyopuyo) is a planned puzzle game concept in the Aozora's Adventure series which itself doubles as a fan game to Sega and Compile's Puyo Puyo series. It includes many of it's characters up to Aozora's Adventure Gaiden.


In competitive modes, Blob Drop would use the standard Tsu rule as it's default rule, including use of offsetting (known in Blob Drop as Counters) and All Clears. However unlike most Puyo Puyo-styled games, Blob Drop includes several modes that serve as full single-player gameplay devoid of any opponents to face, including a fully-fledged mode styled after the Nazo Puyo games.

Additionally, Blob Drop rewards players for "Combos"- using a Blob to immediately clear a second pair of Blobs after a previous set of Blobs has been cleared, either individually or after a Chain. Combos are slightly weaker and less-rewarding to pull off than chains due to the less skill required, but any Chain performed after a Combo gains a small boost in the number of Junk Blobs sent to the opponent. Doubles and Triples for clearing more than one color set at a time are also marked, but do not award any noticeable bonuses. The benefits of Combos are turned off by default and aren't used in any mode other than Custom VS modes, though they are still marked when done in a mode where they are disabled.

Game ModesEdit


In these modes the player plays by themselves, with no CPU or human-controlled opponents. Blob color sets are selected from a pool of seven different colors (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Violet, Cyan, and Pink), which can be customized to the player's liking.

  • Marathon - A single-player mode where the player simply clears Blobs in three- later five different colors as the gameplay increases in speed, until they reach a goal number.
  • Endless - Identical to Marathon, however the game has no limit to the number of Blobs they must clear, though the game will speed up steadily as the player survives for longer amounts of time.
  • Survival - An endless mode. As the player matches Blobs together, Junk Blobs will drop down on occasion in one of several amounts, requiring the player to clear them when they drop or set up Chains to counter them before they drop.
  • Mission - A variation of Endless. The player is given a sequence of missions that must be completed during gameplay, along with a time limit. Completing missions extends the timer, enabling longer play. Available in two difficulties, Easy and Hard, with the later providing more complicated objectives earlier than on Easy. The player is scored by the number of missions they are able to accomplish within the time limit.
  • Time Attack - For one, three, or five minutes, the player must score as much as they can within the time limit. If the timer ends while a Chain is occurring, the game will continue until there are no more Chains.
  • Nazo/Puzzle - The game's single player puzzle mode, offering 240 total puzzles including an editor and support for custom puzzles and puzzle sets. It is here that there are seven colors of Blobs usable instead of the traditional three to five, plus Hard Blobs, Stone Blobs, and Block Blobs.
  • Practice - A free mode where the players plays a solo game but with the ability to undo the last set(s) of Blobs they dropped (up to the five previous sets) and play with three to six colors on any speed.

Versus CPUEdit

Blob colors can be customized into a consistent set of colors or are set to randomize on each Stage.

  • Scenario - A "Tower" based on the one featured in Puyo Puyo Tsu which features 7 floors. The AI comes in three difficulty settings. Easy, Standard, and Difficult. To progress to the next floor, the player must obtain a certain score on the current floor they are on, once this score is reached the player automatically advanced to the next floor. If special conditions are met, the player will be intercepted and attacked by a secret character.
  • Rally - All the opponents from Scenario are faced one after the other in sequence, all sporting a high speed and AI difficulty.

Versus 2PEdit

Blob colors can be customized into a consistent set of colors or are set to randomize on each match.

  • Versus - Two human players play against each other, using between three to six colors and either Junk, Gold Junk, and Strong Junk dropping from the ceiling. The player may also opt to play against a CPU or spectate a match against two CPU's.



In typical of early Puyo Puyo games' single player modes, there is only one playable character: Aozora. In 2P modes the second player plays as Satoru.


These are listed by their appearances in Scenario mode.

Floor 1Edit

Floor 2Edit

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Floor 5Edit

Floor 6Edit

(Both opponents must be faced)


  • Joker
  • Secret: Masked Joker