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Hello and welcome to the Aozora's Adventure Wiki, a wiki based on Superjustinbros's OC series Aozora's Adventure, with small information on SJB' other series Otaku-Ball and WARMAN.


I'm considering moving/copying this Wiki and all it's contents to Shout Wiki as I don't like the over reliance on ads on Wikia's services and I'm sure you all don't either. See more why this may be a good idea here:

This wiki was created to help newcomers to the series understand and learn it's characters more. No third-party/unofficial characters will have articles here, but will be linked to external Wikis should they get mentioned (such as in the form of a reference) in an article. If you are the creator of one of these characters, please contact me via e-mail ( to conform changes, or if you have prior knowledge of editing Wikis, go ahead and do it yourself. Remember, All standard Wiki rules apply.

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