Aozora's Adventure RPG

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Arc 1

Based on

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars


Aozora's Adventure 64



Aozora's Adventure RPG (アオゾラの冒険RPG, Aozora no Bōken Āru Pī Jī) is the planned third story in the Aozora's Adventure series. It would be a turn-based role-playing game with a gameplay and 3D-rendered art style heavily based on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars with a number of differences in it's play style to further differentiate itself and bring it in line with more mainstream RPG's. Such alterations include higher HP and other stat values, separate "MP" (Magic) and "TP" (Tech) bars for each fighter, a wider array of equipable weapons, outfits, and accessories, a more diverse overworld, and several optional superbosses.


Many months have passed since the defeat of Kurayami and the fall of the Witches back in Aozora's Adventure 64. Now 18 years of age, Aozora has become tired of his uneventful life in recent times and wants to explore more, feeling that Japan has "just soaked up all the fun" for him. He is suggested by Toshi to take a trip to another content, feeling that it would get some excitement into him. Aozora ultimately decides to visit France and bring Satoru along to tag with him. In the next days the two boys buy their tickets and board a plane to France.

One the plane, the boys spend the trip talking with each other and napping, however a sudden breaking newscast appears on the plane's plasma TV screen, stating that a mysterious fortress has appeared in the Netherlands and is seeking it's targets on Paris. Aozora notices the newscast and informs Satoru, suggesting that there's trouble afoot, but assumes it's nothing they should be concerned of.

The boys' plane successfully arrives at it's destination, and the two boys disembark for the hotel they'll be staying at. As they travel, they come across a suspicious person dressed in pirate gear named Gil, who follows Aozora and Satoru on the way to the hotel. Eventually Gil catches up with Aozora and Satoru and demands small talk. Gil explains that he saw the news earlier about the castle up north and wants to partner up with Aozora to investigate it, claiming that he's heard of Aozora's two previous adventures and has seen what Aozora is capable of. Aozora at first is against the offer, but Satoru suggests traveling along with Gil since adventure was what Aozora desired from the beginning. Remembering this, Aozora and Gil shake hands and agree to travel together first thing in the morning.


The following characters can be recruited through the story, along with their play styles:

  • Aozora (Balanced)
  • Gil (Physical Attacker with somewhat high Defense)
  • Jiroukichi (Ranged Mixed Attacker with high Speed)
  • Penelope (Defensive Magic User, specializes in healing)
  • Nanami (Mixed Attacker, specializes in a balance between offensive and defensive magic)
  • Zeshiro (Offensive Magic User)
  • Runihura (Physical Fighter with high Defenses)