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Aozora's Adventure III (アオゾラの冒険3, Aozora no Bōken Surī) is the planned eighth story in the Aozora's Adventure series and is the sequel to Aozora's Adventure II.


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During an unknown amount of time following the events of Aozora's Adventure 3D World, Aozora meets and becomes great friends with a mysterious boy named Jigoku, at the expense of hanging with his's other friends, especially Satoru and Zik, who have become suspicious over Jigoku's constant presence around Aozora.

One day early in the school year at Aozora's college, Jigoku asks Aozora to meet him in the halls next to the restrooms, where Aozora, in his college wear, finds Satoru, Zik, Keisha, Sakaki, and Skye chatting with Jigoku when he arrives. Attempting to understand the situation, the group chats for a bit until suddenly a siren goes off, prompting everyone in the building to evacuate. However, Aozora notices that Jigoku heads for the balcony at the top of the school instead of the exit, and quickly catches Keisha before she exits, leaving with Aozora's signature clothing in a backpack. Having no time to ask what Keisha would need with his clothes, Keisha gives Aozora his clothes and he heads into the boy's restroom to change, missing only his helmet which Keisha later gives him when he exits. With his proper outfit in check, Aozora makes a mad dash for the balcony. as the building is under attack by members of a league known as the Roast Gang.

After ascending up the building and having a short confrontation with a flame-decalled helicopter shooting through a large window, Aozora meets Jigoku and demands an explanation on what's happening. As Jigoku has trouble spitting out his story, he is suddenly grappled by a large robot built by the Roast Gang consisting of a head, torso, and two large arms, who flings Jigoku into the distance and does battle with Aozora. Being easily defeated, it falls down next to the building with a loud crash, leading to Aozora jumping off the side of the building and sliding down the wall to ease the fall.

Landing safely on the ground next to the remains of the robot he just fought, he searches for and eventually finds his friends waiting for him near the front of the building, them questioning what happened up on the balcony. Everyone notices the attacks have ceased and the Roast Gang's minions have left the building in need of some repair. Feeling that the area isn't safe, the gang relocates to another hangout area.

Over in the streets near a bench far from the college, Aozora explains what happened with Jigoku's abduction and the Roast Gang's invasion. While Zik and Satoru remain uncomfortable about Jigoku due to Aozora focusing his attention on him for several months prior, they remain silent and continue listening to Aozora's explanation. As they converse, a giant blimp hovers over the city, with Aozora halting his explanation to put focus on the blimp. The blimp's monitor shows Vasuman, who instructs "for the Earth to survive, all of the planet's people meet me at my headquarters in America! Anyone who doesn't will die for sure!" Assuming he wants to enslave all of Earth's population, Aozora senses another adventure with another baddie to destroy, believing that that's where Jigoku was taken.

Days later, the Roast Gang's blimp makes it's way around the homes of Fakhriya, Matthias, Shinobu, Taiyang, and Kento. Assuming Aozora would need their help, they all travel to Japan along with their respective weapons to join Aozora, Satoru, and Zik in a worldwide journey to put a stop to the Roast Gang and the Roast Elites, consisting of Jullian, Randolph, Wernher, and Florencia. A mysterious girl known as Chouko also appears, liking to stir up mischief for the gang.

Spoiler warning. Mid/Late plot details follow.

After traveling through Europe, Africa, and South America eliminating the three Roast Elites along the way, Aozora and his crew eventually reach the grounds of the Roast Gang in North America: dark red-colored badlands with hot springs and lava present everywhere. After doing battle with another, more advanced helicopter, they make their way into the Roast Castle- a gargantuan castle designed as a cross between a medieval and a metallic, futuristic castle, with glossy red and black colors and decorations scattered throughout. Making their way trough the Roast Gang's toughest guards, they reach the command center of the castle where Vasuman approaches. Determined to keep his goals in check without failure, Vasuman attacks Aozora and co. with all his power, and after a lengthy battle Vasuman's battle suit malfunctions and he eventually falls.

Unable to continue the fight, a weakened Vasuman instructs Aozora to continue traveling further through the castle, climbing up to a room located on one of the castle's highest floors. He and his friends do so, eventually reaching a series of doors. Aozora, feeling that he should tackle things alone, demands the other seven to leave as he takes care of business, and so they return to Vasuman.

Aozora enters the large room to be met with dead silence. As he looks around and calls out for attention, he hears a faint voice coming from the ceiling. Almost immediately, Aozora recognizes the voice of Jigoku, prompting Jigoku to crash through the ceiling. Claiming that Aozora "cannot learn the truth" and that "you must be silenced!", Jigoku proceeds to fight Aozora using attachments for his hands and boots allowing them to shoot fire.

As the boys continue their heated brawl, Aozora lands a critical blow on Jigoku, causing him to fall head-first to the ground, unconscious. Filled with thoughts of confusion and betrayal, an enraged Aozora grabs a Roast Gang blaster from the wall of the room and begins to charge it up, pointing it at Jigoku as he says "Jigoku... I did everything for you... I came here to save you from the Roast Gang and this is what I get?! You were such a cool guy to me for the past year and then you think killing me is for the best?! DIE, YOU LYING DOUBLE-CROSSING SON OF A BIIIIIIITCH!!!"

As Aozora proceeds to fire the fully-charged Blaster, Aozora hears a loud "WAIT!" from the doors behind him. Zik, Satoru, and Kento, along with Vasuman and the four Roast Elites barge through and plead Aozora to hold fire. Aozora lets go of the Blaster's charge trigger, charging it down. Aozora turns to face everyone with the Blaster held down and asks what's going on, as his face displays an angrily surprised expression.

Vasuman attempts to explain to Aozora and the others the real motivations behind the Roast Gang's actions, but as he does so, six airships (one major ship and five semi-major ships, along with several other minor aircrafts) adorned with icy-blue colors and glowing white auras appear from some bright storm clouds in the distance, causing everyone to stop and look outside. The ships draw closer and eventually open fire on the Roast Gang's castle with powerful beams of ice, causing the castle's alarms to go off, signaling evacuation. Aozora, his crew, and the Roast Elites rush out through an emergency chute in the castle's cellar while the remaining minions of the Roast Gang remain, ready to defend their castle from the intruders.

The six ships surround the Roast Elite's castle and release their own set of minions to fight the Roast Gang's. Unfortunately, despite giving in all they got, the members of the Roast Gang prove to be no match for these ice-based minions, resulting in a great number of them being either killed, frozen alive, or captured to be converted to the ice empire's ways.

Eventually the ice minions make their way into the interior of the castle, clearing out each and every single room using the ship's strongest solders. Not long before the job is done, a man exits the main ice-ship and enters the castle. Back in the room where Jigoku's unconscious body lays, two knights of the ice empire make a dramatic entry into the room with icy smoke everywhere, followed by Aberthol, the leader of the Roast Gang's rival: the Frost Gang, who is responsible for the siege on the Roast Gang's castle. Aberthol looks down at Jigoku, who slowly wakes up after noticing footsteps in front of him. Aberthol, thinking Jiguku would make a great companion for him, orders his knights to aim their ice blasters at him. Jigoku responds by standing up and trying to use the flamethrower attachments on his body at Abertol and the knights, however it's power has worn of due to the damage Aozora had caused earlier, leaving him unable to defend himself. The ice-knights promptly blast him with absolute-zero beams, enclosing Jigoku into ice.

The captured and still-living Roast Gang minions as well as Jigoku's frozen, unconscious body are brought aboard the main Frost Gang airship by the Frost Gang's own minions and begin taking off. Aberthol, along with the Frost Elites Yukon, Motokazu, and Edurizo stand on the front of the main ship overlooking the raided castle. Aberthol takes out his large, ice-cold sword and aims it at the castle with his two hands grasping the sword's hilt. Charging it up, Aberthol fires his own blast of ice that forms into a dragon's head and explodes upon direct contact with the Roast Castle, encasing both the exterior and interior in snow and ice. The six Frost Gang ships then get into position and fire strong grapple hooks at the castle, followed by flying upwards to uproot the castle from the ground and maneuver it further north into a new location where Aberthol and his high-class servants will renovate and convert the castle into a new lair for him and the Frost Gang. Meanwhile, Chouko notices the Frost Gang's ship carrying away the castle and gives chase after it on foot, using her rocket-powered rollerblades for faster movement.