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Aozora's Adventure Gaiden

Aozora's Adventure (アオゾラの冒険2, Aozora no Bōken Tsū) is the planned fifth story in the Aozora's Adventure series, and the second to have gameplay reminiscent of the Super Mario Bros. series, this time styled after the New Super Mario Bros. series.

It's story is shared with Rock-Aozora 2's.


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Roughly a year has passed since Aozora's journey in Rock-Aozora. Aozora, now 19 years old, has graduated from high school and is currently in the beginning of his second year of college. With no sign of any enemies in a long time and with very few adventures to embark on and thrills to seek, Aozora has grown bored- causing him to get frequent mood swings and affecting his relationship with his close friends Satoru, Zik, Sakaki, Skye, and Toshi, and even his girlfriend Keisha, who has become worried over her sweetheart's sudden change in personality. Even a new outfit that was eventually gifted to Aozora from Keisha and her family did very little to help the situation.

Late August, shortly before summer break would end, Toshi offers Keisha a boat ride out in the ocean past the beach at sunset to help her think positive and take her mind off of the drama with Aozora. However this works very little, as Aozora later catches up to Toshi and Keisha by swimming out into the open waters wearing nothing but a swimsuit. Out of breath and soaking wet, Aozora climbs onto the boat, prompting Toshi and Keisha to explain the situation at hand. Aozora at first could care less, but as the conversation goes on he gets more into it, his face changing from a grumpy/bored expression to a more worried one, finally understanding what has happened to him since roughly a year back.

Unknown to Aozora, Keisha, and Toshi, a giant magical cruise ship lurks underwater, targeting the trio on their boat. As it gets closer, Keisha begins to feel discomfort, looking out into the sunset with worry. She catches Aozora and Toshi's attention, prompting them to stop discussing Aozora and his recent social issues and look out with her. At first they brush it off, but then Keisha is spooked by a bright light in the water, which suddenly gets bigger and brighter. Bubbles and loud rumble sounds follow, and the giant cruise ship surfaces in front to the trio, towering over them. After a brief silence as the trio stare at the gargantuan ship's front from their boat, they start to feel the water under their boat begin to shake rapidly. A violent geyser shoots itself up from beneath Aozora, Keisha, and Toshi, propelling them into the air and onto the front deck of the ship.

After re-gaining consciousness, the three look up to see a pink-haired sailor approaching them with several of his crew following in suit. The man introduces himself as Fayato, saying he is tired of humanity and wants to flood the planet with an endless ocean so he and his crew can re-create it from scratch and help populate it with marine life, and he desires to make Toshi and Keisha part of his crew. They both refuse, making a dart for the edge of the ship to jump overboard, however they are trapped when Fayato summons a wall of water to barricade them in, leading to the two getting captured by his crew's low-ranking members and taken into the ship, leaving Aozora sitting on the deck. Aozora gets up and attempts to go after them, but is stopped when Fayato produces a blast of water to push him away from the ship's entryways, After being knocked onto the floor, he looks back up at Fayato as he promptly warns Aozora never to come back for his friends and any attempts he make would be futile. Before Aozora can make a response, Fayato summons a large wave to brush Aozora off the deck, Aozora tries to swim against the waves, but is unsuccessful, falling off the deck of the ship and into the ocean, his body unconscious and floating top-first on the ocean's surface. Fayato then orders his crew to re-submerge the ship underwater, leaving Aozora behind.

The next morning, Aozora wakes up, finding himself having washed ashore after being knocked out. He speeds back to his home, desperate to follow Fayato's ship as it travels across the land and rescue Keisha and Toshi. Once he gets home, he calls not only Satoru and Zik, but also TaiYang, Fakhriya, and Shinobu to help in pursuing Fayato.

Spoiler warning. Mid/Late plot details follow.

Eventually after run-ins with Masayoshi, Chinatsu, Girou, and Saniko, Aozora and co. finally catch up with and successfully board Fayato's cruise ship. Without the element of suprise to surpass him and with his own Power-ups, Aozora became more evenly matched against the sailor, facing and eventually defeating him in the captain's headquarters. As Aozora looks down at Fayato on the floor, Fayato gets up and tilts his head down in shame. Aozora begins to ask Fayato on what's wrong, when suddenly the large monitor in the room turns on, revealing Joker was blackmailing Fayato into following his commands of world domination all this time, threatening that if he didn't succeed in stopping Aozora and terrorizing the world, Joker would extract horrible toxins into the world's oceans, killing most, if not all-known marine life on the planet. Soon after the monitor turns off, Fayato returns to a neutral posture with a determined look to his face. Fayato walks over to Aozora and explains his role as a marine biologist, forced to lead Masayoshi, Chinatsu, Girou, and Saniko's armies against his own will. He reveals that Toshi is still within the ship safe and sound, but Keisha was forcibly relocated after Joker demanded her to be imprisoned elsewhere. With no other options, Fayato offers to help Aozora and his friends reach their next destination under the condition that they help stop Joker and his empire's mischief. Aozora and his friends agree, and Fayato sets course for the team's next destination.

After Aozora's team disembarks Fayato's cruiser, they prepare to face off against new threats Kazuhiko, Bachi, and Sharkane in their respective homelands.