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3D Platformers, with a mixture of beat-em-ups, hack-and-slashers, first-person shooters, and RPG gameplay.


Aozora's Adventure


Aozora's Adventure RPG

Aozora's Adventure 64 (アオゾラの冒険64, Aozora no Bōken Rokujūyon) is the second story in the Aozora's Adventure series. As a game, it would be a 3D platformer that primarily plays ala Super Mario 64, but with elements drawn from beat 'em ups, spectacle fighter games like Devil May Cry, combat RPG's like Kingdom Hearts, and first person shooters such as the Halo series. It would allow players to combat with weapons of various styles, titled "Gear", and would feature in-depth multiplayer with many game types, including mini-games. The intent is to create a platformer with a heavy focus on both direct and ranged combat.


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It has been four months since the closure of Aozora's Adventure. Out in an unspecified location, there is a large duo of islands, with one that is a cross between urban and tropical themes, and another that crosses urban and technology. These islands are said to contain gateways to various other locations on Earth.


The game is controlled using a movement joystick, a joystick for changing camera angles, a D-Pad used for activating either the Quick Menu in singlepalyer or taunts/ping in multiplayer, a jump button, two attack buttons (one for punches and another for kicks), a crouch button, a dodge button (pressed along with any of the attack buttons to initiate grabs, allowing for tossing enemies or pummeling them in place until shaken off), and a lock-on button. When launching attacks, if the player also inputs a movement, jump, or crouch during the move, the player will perform one of several special or super attacks.

During the game's single player story mode, players can find a large variety of Gear, which include swords, guns, hammers, boomerangs, gloves, and boots. On consoles, pressing "Weapon Switch L" and "Weapon Switch R" will cycle between standard melee attacks performed with the character's arms and legs, the first weapon, and the second weapon in an instant. Gloves and boots are selected as part of the player's loadout, and wearing them can alter the player's attacks during melee combat, while the other types of Gear are placed into one of two weapon slots.

Gear can provide attack, defense, or speed boosts when equipped (even if not currently in the user's hands), alongside various types of elemental damage. In Multiplayer, the players instead use "mass-produced" versions that are player-balanced and usually give out nerfs/stat reductions when used if wielding the weapon has some kind of positive stat enhancement.

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