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Fortune Street and Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise





Aoz-Board (アオゾボード, AozoBōdo) is a planned spinoff title in the Aozora's Adventure series, featuring many of it's characters up to Rock-Aozora 3.

The game's concept revolves around a Monopoly-esque video-board game; the ruleset a hybridization of Itadaki/Fortune Street and Mega Man spinoff Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise. It features the general play-style of the former with players racing around the map buying shops in districts and collecting four Suits to bring them to the Bank for a bonus income, with additional gameplay elements of the latter such as an option to play with lots in addition to shops (which can be owned by two different players), power-cards that the players can store for later use to either sabotage opponents or benefit themselves and transformations that provide temporary enhancements to the user. Additional changes to the combined ruleset would also be made to make the game slightly more fast-paced than it's inspirations, including the option to play with forced auctions if a player refuses to purchase a vacant shop or lot (whereas the original games only auctioned off a shop if a player sold it).



The following characters would be added as free DLC to promote Aozora's Adventure RPG 2:


The game would feature a total of 32 boards, some being remixes of boards from the main Itadaki/Fortune Street series and others being entirely original designs.


  • Bank: The starting point for all players, landing on or passing this space will allow the player to purchase stocks. If they return with all four Suits from the Suit spaces, they are promoted by one level and gain additional funds.
  • Empty Shop: A vacant shop ready to be purchased using the player’s ready funds if they land on it. If the player refuses the offer, they will be forced to auction it. Each shop is linked to a group of adjacent shops known as a “District”- labeled by their color. Each district can have from three to seven shops.
  • Owned Shop: Once purchased, an empty shop turns into this- sporting the owner’s signature color. If a rival lands on a shop, they will be forced to pay the displayed value. Landing on one’s own shop will allow them to upgrade any of their shops (one at a time). If a player owns multiple shops in the same district, their profits increase. Forced buyouts can be done on an opponent’s shop if they possess 5x the shop’s value in money.
  • Empty Lot: With lots turned on, empty shops are not present. Stepping on an empty lot will allow the player to purchase that lot or auction it, turning it into an Empty Shop. Two different players can own a space’s lot and shop respectively and divide funds between each other when another player lands on the Shop. The Lot’s owner or Shop’s owner can force a buyout of the Shop or Lot respectively, turning it completely into theirs.
  • Special Lot: Special lots that occupy certain Districts and appear whenever Lots are turned on or off. Players can construct one of six building types in these lots, each with their own effects.
  • Suit: Spaces containing one of the four playing card suits: Red hearts, Blue Spades, Green Clovers, and Yellow Diamonds. Players collect the space’s Suit when they cross, and if they land directly on the space- can draw their choice of either Mystery Cards or Power Cards.
  • Wild Suit: Gives a random Suit that the player currently does not possess. Landing directly on a Wild Suit space will always result in a Mystery Card draw.
  • Power Card: Allows a player to draw one of three Power Cards which is then kept for later use.
  • Mystery Card: Allows a player to draw one of 80 Mystery Cards, each with a unique effect.
  • Die: Landing on this space bestows the ability to roll the die an extra time.
  • Yellow Star: A quarter of the total funds the player receives from shops are added to their total.
  • White Star: Half of the total funds the player receives from shops are added to their total.
  • Transformation: The player character is transformed into one of six different characters and gains additional abilities for several turns.
  • Casino: A special minigame space for potential huge rewards- six mini games total exist, and the one that is played is chosen randomly.
  • Break: The player is forced to “take a break” and close all their shops until their next turn.
  • Broke: The player is allowed to buy stocks from this space without visiting the Bank.
  • Warp: Stepping on this space will send the player to another Warp space of the same color.
  • Arrow: Placed at the end of a path, these will take the player to another Arrow space somewhere on the map. These spaces cannot be landed on and do not subtract one from the dice roll.
  • Cannon: The player can jump to any space currently occupied by a rival.
  • Trigger: Triggers an event that alters the current map’s structure- shifting and swapping spaces around.

Power CardsEdit


  • Aozora- Blocks any negative effects sent at the user via an opponent's card or Transformation, or a drawn Robo-Aozora or Orpheus card. Once obtained, it is hidden from view until an opportunity for use occurs.
  • Satoru- Blocks any negative effects sent at the user via an opponent's card or Transformation, but does not protect against a Robo-Aozora or Orpheus card. Once obtained, it is hidden from view until an opportunity for use occurs.
  • Jigoku- Summons Jigoku, who then proceeds to call either Robo-Aozora or Orpheus via cellphone and have one of them do their dirty deeds on a rival.
  • Paku-Chan- (activates instantly) Bestows opportunities for extra money.
  • Ball-Kun- (activates instantly) Bestows a movement-related effect.
  • Fakhriya- The user selects an opponent; and Fakhriya envelops the target inside a sand-tornado, sending them off to a random vacant or low-priced lot/shop.
  • Matthias- Matthias appears and draws all opposing players to the user's space using his music.
  • Taiyang- Taiyang uses the Sunset Blade on a rival to slice and incinerate all the Power Cards held by one user.
  • Orochi- Orochi sets one of his sticky-bombs onto a rival's shop. Two turns later, if the owner doesn't pass the space to remove the bomb, it detonates, dropping the shop's rank or destroying the shop if it was not upgraded.
  • Keanu- Keanu calls in a limousine to take every player to the Casino/Arcade (regardless of their current position), with Keanu's summoner, labeled as a "special guest" being guaranteed to win some money or other bonuses from the visit. The summoner may also select any game at the Casino to play.
  • Masayoshi- Masayoshi uses his pyrokinesis powers to enclose a rival in a column of fire, forcing them to move only one space for three turns.
  • Girou- Girou comes in with his personal mecha and enters a foe's shop, remodeling it into the summoner's.
  • Sharkane- Sharkane uses his flamethrower to ignite all the shops in a district, burning them and reducing the visit price of each shop slightly.
  • Nirave- Nirave inflicts his time-stopping powers on a targeted rival, forcing them to forfeit a turn.
  • Ptolema- Ptolema drops down and activates a special (but invisible) barrier on the user for three turns. If any card attack is made against Ptolema's summoner, Ptolema will swoop down and block the attack, reflecting it back onto the attacker.
  • Florencia- Florencia appears and performs a mystic dance, which causes all the shops owned by the summoner to increase in value, thus increasing their visit costs.
  • Yukon- While held, if an enemy player stops in front of a vacant lot or shop when it's their turn, the user can swipe the offer and buy the building themselves.
  • Chouko- Chouko can be summoned to swipe a card held by a rival and give it to the user.
  • Hiromori- Uses his tasers to short-circuit all the shops owned by the targeted player for two turns, allowing players to pass by a shop without paying.
  • Lihua- If the player draws an unwanted Power Card from their respective spaces (including Robo-Aozora or Orpheus cards), the player can summon Lihua to "cut" the card and draw a different card.
  • Michitaro- For the turn he is used on, the user can roll the die a second time.
  • Raster- For three turns upon being activated, any attempt at either damaging or taking over a lot or shop owned by the user will be blocked or disabled by Raster's Pixel Barrier.
  • Konomi- Konomi appears and rains meteors on all rival-owned shops in a district, reducing each shop by two ranks or outright destroying them if they have not been upgraded.
  • Haru- Haru creates a rainbow above the user and gives every Suit to the user at once.


  • Robo-Aozora- (activates instantly) Robo-Aozora appears to do one of his dirty tricks- steal money from the victim, immobilize them, or damage/destroy a shop owned by the victim.
  • Orpheus- (activates instantly) Orpheus appears to "curse" the player, forcing them to move only one space for three turns, forfeit all the Power Cards held by them, or remove a Suit that is in the user's possession.


Players may still do regular actions such as buy or pay rent at shops (paying rent only applies if the current transformation doesn't forbid them) and use Cards, but they are now given enhancements based on the character they're transformed into. The user remains transformed for three to six turns depending on the effect and the size of the board, and can return to normal at will.

  • Club- If Club passes a rival, he will stop and prepare to beat down the rival, stealing a considerable amount of money in the process.
  • Saniko- If Saniko either passes a rival or stops in front of one of their shops, she'll take one of their Power Cards.
  • Kazuhiko- If Kazuhiko stops in front of a store, the player can purchase and upgrade shops for three quarters their original price. If a rival stops at any of the transformed player's owned lots/building, they must pay 1.2 the funds
  • Bojun- If Bojun stops in front of a rival's Shop, he will lob a large boulder at it, damaging or destroying it without paying.
  • Motokazu- For every shop Motokazu passes, he will drop of an explosive made of ice next to the shop that covers it in thick ice, preventing the owner(s) of the lot/shop from collecting funds for one turn until the ice thaws.
  • Claud- If Claud stops on a rival's shop, Claud will summon a sandstorm in the shop, causing money equal to the shop's visit price to fly out and into Claud, which he then collects. Claud cannot collect money from shops owned by the player that transformed into him.