Name Akto
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age 24 (Arc 4)
Nationality American
Height 5ft, 10in

Akto (アクツ, Akutsu) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Originally living in the east coast of the USA before moving to California with his beloved pair of sunglasses to pursue his dream, Akto is a relatively new movie director working in the studios of Hollywood to work on his first feature-length film.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Akto is equipped with a custom-made megaphone that has two additional megaphone cones attached to the sides of the main cone, which amplifies up Akto's speech by three times the volume. When a special switch is turned on, three blue neon lights surround each end of the cones. When the speech button is pressed in this state, it does not amp up Akto's speech but rather blasts three high-volume rings of sound through the megaphones that travel at respectable speed and can even bounce off surfaces. Due to the high volume of the megaphone, Akto has to wear ultra-strength earplugs to protect his ears.